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    With the closing of 2018, in Dadyma we have taken a moment to look back and see everything we have achieved this year. Despite being a company with a long presence in the industry, we continue to bet on innovation and seek to strengthen new areas. During the 40 years that we have been in […]

    Oxtail Recipe
    16 July, 2018

    Follow the step by step of this typical recipe of Spanish food and learn to prepare oxtail. An aromatic stew with a lot of flavor thanks to the wine and the vegetable sauce. The oxtail is a piece of bull or cow meat that is normally prepared stew, as we teach you in this recipe […]

    Good morning to all! Today we begin a new category within our company: The development of recipes with our products. Within this section, we can find recipes prepared by ourselves or simply referenced. On this occasion, we show you a delicious meal that you can prepare with veal fin . We hope you like it. […]

    Dadyma helps thousands of children! We have begun to collaborate with the Isidora Pertusa Foundation in its work in favor of the most disadvantaged children in food projects. Dadyma is committed to donate our products and to participate in actions that contribute to fulfill the objective of this Foundation. … MILLIONS OF CHILDREN NEED US! […]

    It is interesting to know that calluses have a high protein power, that the liver contains a high amount of vitamin A, B and iron, that gizzards or the tongue, are as rich in proteins as meat. In general they have a high content of mineral salts and are low in fat. In general, the […]