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    With over 40 years of tradition, we are a leading service company that produces and distributes a wide range of meat products. Bespoke solutions for every industry..


    40 years ago, the Zaragoza family began their offal packing and distribution business catering to the traditional Valencian family that cooks their broth at home using fresh products directly from the butchery to the pot.


    Dadyma is currently one of the most important, best-positioned and stable companies in Spain, recognised for its specialisation in red and white offal products from pork, beef and lamb. We are suppliers of important Spanish supermarket.


    With a workforce of 200 employees, combined with state of the art technology, we allow for the most effective distribution throughout both Spain as well as the international market. We are currently present in 40 countries.

    Our fleet of transport

    With a reliable and up to date fleet of lorries, we are able to deliver our product inside of Spain in the highest standards. The quality of our product is our guarantee as a company.

    Production plants

    Dadyma Ribarroja (headquarters in Valencia)

    Reception of raw materials from slaughterhouses

    Deboning and processing of pig heads

    Freezing of raw material

    Saw-cutting of frozen fillets, cubes and dice

    Automatic packaging of frozen products

    Skin packaging format

    Dadyma Torrente (Valencia)

    Modified atmosphere packaging

    Fresh food packaging

    Dadyma Pozoblanco (Cordoba)

    Extraction and processing of beef offal

    Extraction and processing of Iberian pork

    Extraction and processing of lamb

    Deboning of pork and beef heads