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  • Dadyma expands their objective

    With the closing of 2018, in Dadyma we have taken a moment to look back and see everything we have achieved this year. Despite being a company with a long presence in the industry, we continue to bet on innovation and seek to strengthen new areas.

    During the 40 years that we have been in the sector, we have gained a great recognition and appreciation from our customers, both for the distribution of horeca and industrial as traders, both for the quality of our products of casquería and for our personalized service .

    This 2018 however, we have decided to go a step further and expand our product list. That is why we have been incorporating lamb cutting products. This has given rise to the fact that we found 2018 baptized as the year of the lamb.

    Not only have we added products such as lamb chops, shoulders and legs and national suckling pig, but we have also incorporated the kid. This has undoubtedly been a great change and many efforts, but after the redo we can now say that this year is over that we are proud of the result we have achieved.

    These new products have also crossed our borders, and during 2019 we will consolidate the sale with our export area to more than 20 countries.

    Although it seems a bit risky to change after so many years of specialized experience, the results speak for themselves, as we closed the year with a 25% increase in our turnover compared to last year.

    Now that 2019 is around the corner, we are reflecting on our New Year’s resolutions. In this new stage we intend to continue improving and learning about these markets in which we are introducing, expanding the products we offer to our customers.